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Cucina in Cantina  Cooking Lessons

It’s an appealing novelty that further enhances the hospitality of the established Antonelli San Marco winery that, for many years, has been welcoming international visitors.


Thus the idea of Cucina in Cantina came about: produce and wines directly from the land surrounding you!
The culinary experience begins in a professional “De Manincor” state of the art kitchen in design and technology. The atmosphere of “Cucina in Cantina’s” lessons is that one of a friendly and serene workshop that favours conviviality. That feeling of accomplishment as a team is perfected when we sit down together to taste and talk about what we have cooked.

Cantina Antonelli Cooking Classes

What we offer:

A hands-on approach is favoured in the kitchen where firsthand experience is the essence to learning. You will learn the art of making potato gnocchi, homemade pasta and taste dishes scented with wild aromatic herbs and dressed with organic extra virgin olive oil. All our recipes are exquisite and simple to make. We will also touch upon the relevance of pairing food with wine.

And the Antonelli wines will be appreciated even more after a stroll to the cellar and vineyards. A selection of our wines will complement the menu.


Who’s waiting for you in the kitchen…

A team of expert home cooks, namely Teresa and Leonella coordinated by Wendy Aulsebrook who will direct your attention to particular aspects of preparations.

Wendy’s profession began in Australia as a Home Economist and Food Stylist. Her gastronomic curiosity led her “into culinary journeys” and into firsthand experiences with “local” eating habits. As for Umbria, she has noted that: “By cooking alongside and sharing recipes with different people I discovered that the best regional home cooks are ’the’ women – who are proud to share their culinary knowledge with a foreigner. I never tire of seeking out those genuine products and then transporting them back into the kitchen to relish. I am delighted to run this cooking school which among its qualities, holds a the novelty of it being in a winery – most probably the first one in Umbria .”

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