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It is our great pleasure to inform you of the release of our first organic wine: the Grechetto Colli Martani 2012.

With the 2012 harvest, the production of our vineyards has passed the 3 year conversion and is officially certified organic.

The 2012 production also made use of the newly formed European legislation on organic wines, Regulation CE 203/2012, so our Grechetto 2012 is certified as an organic wine and not just only as produced from organic grapes, as it was possible to certify up until the 2011 harvest.

The choice to become organic is motivated by the desire to pursue the goal of total quality, intended not only as a salubrity product and respect for the environment, but also as an added value to the territorial expression of our production.

For some time we have been working almost exclusively with auctonous grapes and we have recently embarked on an internal zonation, to better define the characteristics and peculiarities of the individual parts of the vineyard.

Organic management is specifically intended to highlight and emphasise the differences, bringing individual vineyards to a full expressive maturity: a vineyard that can regulate itself, is a vineyard that can best express its specificity, either those of Trebbiano Spoletino or Grechetto, of Montefalco Rosso, or of Sagrantino.

Working organically means thinking about the vineyard as an ecosystem in which all the vital elements that compose it are in equilibrium with each other. This is achieved by stimulating the vitality of the soil and improving its quality, encouraging self-regulation of individual plants and reducing external inputs. The organic fertilizers not only serve to nourish the plants, but more generally to enrich the soil with humus and microorganisms. Likewise restricting pesticide treatments not only promotes the wholesomeness of the product, but it serves to create a living environment where microorganisms, plants and animals contribute to the welfare of the entire agrosystem.

It’s a slow path, with no immediate results, yet patience is a virtue, considering that our family has been cultivating the San Marco vineyards for more than 130 years.

As for the wine, the application of the new rules arising from statutory regulations, will not substantially change our way of making wine, since we have always strongly limited the use of adjuvant substances commercially available. Having an organic certification is in any case a better guarantee for the consumer, and for us a further incentive for improvement.

We would like to clarify that for us to vinify organic does not mean leaving the production to occur "by itself". On the contrary to make a quality organic wine it’s necessary to monitor and take care rigorously of all stages of production, also taking into consideration the fact that the reduction or absence of synthetic products and adjuvants leads to a higher risk of exposure to unwelcomed natural phenomena, that can result in gross defects and total loss of identity of the grape and the terroir.

Our idea of organic wine is that of a wine able to express the peculiarities of expression of the grape in our territory. That uniqueness of expression can be summed up in the word Terroir.

In summary, for us organic basically means respect: of the environment, the territory, the grape, the wine product, and the consumer.

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